Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy 175th birthday.... the company that employs my husband, 2 of our brothers-in-law, my retired father, and my retired father-in-law - John Deere!!! 

"I will never put my name on a product that does not have the best that is in me."    -John Deere

The company is going all out and truly cherishing their employees in helping them celebrate their 175th birthday.  Today was the celebration for the branch of the company where Neil works.  The food was great!  The activities drew my kids in so much that they didn't want to leave - bouncy houses, cotton candy, crafts, snow cones, carnival games, popcorn, etc....  and we didn't have to pay a thing!!  It was one of the fanciest birthday parties we have ever been to!!  We all walked away feeling blessed to be part of a such a wonderful company, who not only works their hardest to put their best into products, but also cares for their employees.  Here are some pictures from our celebration today....  (note - the blurry pictures.... it was sprinkling when we got there, so I purposely left my camera in the van for fear it would get poured on.  We had our phones with us though to take pictures, although not the best quality)

Fone and Mario riding the charter bus to the party

Ariel and Melody riding the charter bus on the way back
Fone with 3 of the MANY bouncy houses (in the background)
Fone and Max waiting in line

Fone and Pookey jumping away

Fone and Pookey
Melody, Max, and Ariel making bed necklaces and bracelets

Melody, Fone, Ariel, Mario, and Max crafting with sand art
the sand art was such a hit and turned out so well that we had to hang them up as soon as we got home!

Happy 175th birthday, John Deere!!! 
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