Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fourth week of Advent

Today we lit the fourth candle in our dvent wreath, traditionally known as the "love" candle.  And, Christmas is only three days away!!

"We're so close!  The last purple candle might not even have a chance to burn more than a couple of days.  As we anticipate Christmas, let's feel the love even deeper that this special birth means for us.  God loved us so much he sent his Son, and he sends him again every single year.  Light this candle and know of the love of God."
                     (from our Advent Devotional - Welcome Baby Jesus)

Since we are close enough to Christmas, we also put up our tree, although we will wait for the ornaments until Christmas Eve.  However, the kids put the snowballs that St. Nicholas brought into the tree to make it look a little prettier!  It looks lovely!   And, those snowballs are the coolest thing - they don't freeze your hands and they actually have a slight "crunch" feel like snow.  Super cool!!  :)

As another celebration since we are so close to Christmas is family movie night watching one of our favorite Christmas movies and dinner in the living room.   Such a treat!!

May God bless you all as you continue to prepare the way of the Lord!!

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