Monday, December 9, 2013

Wise Men ADVENTures (a Christ-centered alternative to Elf on the Shelf)

We have passed on the ever-so-popular Elf on the Shelf tradition because we just wanted something "more" that actually tied into our faith.  I'm glad we held off and never jumped on that bandwagon, because there is an option that relates to our faith - The 3 Wise Men searching for Jesus!  Yippeee!!

And, it's easy peasy too!  Every night after kids are in bed, the 3 Wise Men come to life and move around the house in search of the Newborn King.  So far, they are still searching and having no luck, but we know why - it's not Epiphany yet!  Plus the manger where Jesus will lay is still empty, since we are waiting for His arrival still.  The excitement and anticipation is just contagious!!

Here are some pictures and details of our Wise Men ADVENTures so far...

Our "3 amigos" (aka: 3 wise men) were hard to spot the first morning among all our wooden saints. They must have noticed the Light of Christ burning so brightly in their new friends and that's what led them there. We could almost hear them asking, "Have you seen a star?", "Where is the new king?"

The 3 kings are still searching for the King and the star.  Don't think they will find anything in there - lol!  Max was fascinated and just sat and sat and sat and sat multiple times throughout the day and kept telling me, "Mom, I see them moving!!"

The wise men must have been paying attention and noticed that we were watching our Jesse Tree Bible stories last night on our "idiot box", so after we went to bed, they wanted hints in finding Jesus and tried to make it turn on and work. I think they got a bit distracted. What do you think??
 **** if you are wondering what the "idiot box" is all about, then you HAVE to get to know this guy!

 Still searching for the Newborn King, and they didn't even make us any sweet treats.  What a tease...

 Attempting to scale a wall here....

Searching under our prayer table...

And, today they were up on our fireplace mantle....

 I am so thankful for this great idea and the excitement and anticipation that is brings to our Advent experience this year!! 

++Thank you, God!!++


  1. These are ALL great ideas for the wise men! I think I'll have to do the one where they are looking under a table/cabinet! That's too cute!! Thanks for sharing and joining in the link-up! God Bless.

    1. It has been SO much fun! Thank YOU for coming up with this idea and sharing it. It's great to see how many families have taken up on this!! :)


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