Monday, June 8, 2015

30 Ways To Keep Summer From Slipping Away

Summer goes WAY too fast and it's so easy to look back on it as a blur once it's said and done.  To make the most of it this year, we are hoping to check off all these items from our bucket list and look back at all the fun and memories we created along the way....

1.  A weekly golf lesson for our big kids to learn the sport their grandparents love, so they can play with them someday.  (Dr. Taylor Marshall convinced me in a podcast the benefits of golfing)

2.  One-on-one time with Mark and daddy/mommy for his FHC trip 

3. At least one-on-one dates with each kid with each parent at least once this summer

4.  Continue creativity with peg doll swaps - one per month

5.  Sit down and eat dinner together (try for every night)

6.  Open up our house and hearts and table at least once a week to friends and/or family and/or kids' friends 

7.  Big kids to adoration with either Neil or I once a week

8.  Get back to TKD once a week

9.  VBS #1

10.  Read to the little kids every day

11.  At least one day during the week with no activities or plans - our sacred HOME day

12.  Weekly acting class for the 5 big kids

13.  Dinner outside around the fire ring once a week

14.  Read to the big kids every day

15.  Weekly evening walk as a family

16.  VBS #2

17.  30 minutes of quiet reading daily for everyone in the afternoon 

18.  Weekly trip to the library

19.  Weekly zoo trip 

20.  Kick Neil out of the house once a week for a night of fishing with Fulton Sheen

21.   Take part in some of the Family of Mary activities

22.  Kids outside to play daily 

23.  Weekly picnic park date 

24.  Totus Tuus camp!!  

25.  Date with my man every week

26.  Daily teaching time on virtues or manners at either breakfast time or lunchtime

27.  Sundaes on Sunday

28. Go swimming once a week

29.  CSJ boys camp for Neil and the big boys

30.  Fresh flowers on the island and table

There ya have it!!  And just to be honest and clear.... this list serves as a goal and more than likely, the "weekly" and "daily" items will be forgotten from time to time.  Take this week, week #1, for example, no family walk, no fishing yet, and I know I didn't read to the little kids daily and complete our daily virtue lesson.  And that's okay!  I can't be tied down to the list, but it can serve as our goal!!  

++May God bless you abundantly this summer with sunshine, love, and a renewal of all things great and beautiful around you!!!++

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