Sunday, June 28, 2015

Music Recital - 2015

Our six big kids shared their hard work and musical talent during a Music Recital for our homeschool group this month.  Fone and Mario even teamed up and performed with their cousins.  Having had no musical talent myself, Neil included, it really amazes me at recitals like this to take in what giftedness God has blessed our children with.  I am such a proud momma!!!

~ Pookey ~ age 5 ~
~ "Happy Birthday to You!" ~

~ Max ~ age 7 ~
~ "Zoo on Saturday" ~

~ "Tucker's Secret Life ~

~ Ariel ~ age 9 ~

~ "Things That Go Bump in the Night" ~

~ "Mouse in the Clock" ~

~ Melody ~ age 10 ~

~ "Five Note Sonatina" ~

~ "Pumpkin Dance"  ~

~ Mario ~ age 12 ~

~ "I Love Rock-n-Roll" ~

~ Fone ~ age 13 ~

~ "Minuet in G" ~

~ Fone, Mario, & their cousin ~ age 13, 12, 12 ~

~ "Hit the Road, Jack" ~

~ Mario and two cousins ~ ages 17, 12, 12 ~

~ "Bridge Over Troubled Water" ~

The Recital was held in a local historical home that once belonged to John Deere's descendants.  (and you know how we are Deere fans since Neil works for Deere, both of our dads are retired from Deere, and two brothers-in-law also work at Deere!!).   It was so beautiful just to walk around and see all decorations from that time period!   The bust statues and decorations reminded the kids of the Haunted Mansion from Disney World - lol!. Here's some pictures of us enjoying the building.....  

++Thank you, God, for the musical talent you have blessed our young ones with.  Thank you for their dedication and hard work in practicing to be able to learn their instruments well and perform as beautifully as they did!++

(here is the link from last year's music recital.  
It's neat to see how much they have progressed!!)
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