Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two cats better than one??

A few weeks ago, we brought home the cutest little kitty.  Our first cat!  How about that?!  Our girls named her Elsa.  Any guesses on where they got that name from?  Hee hee!  

My sister and I both wanted to get cats to be mousers (I am WAY too practical!) and we found a sweet family who were giving away their cats.  So, my sister got one of the boys and we got one of the girls.  So, us two sisters got a brother/sister pair of kitties for our families.  

Melody and Ariel have been especially helpful with our new pet.  They are the ones who feed and water her every day and clean up her house and litter box when needed.  I haven't had to once!!  (NOTE: having bigger kids, although I have 8 kids, is so much easier than when I had 3 or 4 littles who were dependent on me - seriously!)  We have multiple allergies, so we had to create a little house for her in our garage for the nighttime.

We have been working on training her to be outdoors all day (because she was an indoor cat when we got her and never even stepped outdoors until we brought her here) and then she goes back in the garage at night or when we are gone during the day.  She's really doing well outside and starting to get used to our dogs (one BIG labradoodle and one miniature poodle).  And, she loves when the kids bring her in the basement to love on and play with her too. This has been such a fun experience for us all.  And, I'm hoping it'll pay off with no more mice in the fall and winters.

We were told by multiple people that you "have to have two cats" and "two are better than one", so my sister and I have been keeping a look out for more cats being given away. We found some this week, so they took home a boy and we took home a girl kitty.  And, I bet you can't guess what we named this new girl cat???....

.....Anna, of course!!!
Now our Frozen kitty pair is complete!!  Yippeeeee!!!

 But, Elsa is not warming up to Anna and is being a little icy!!  She hisses and growls and pounces and bites and did this from the first instant we put them together.  So, we got another small cage (from another one of my sisters) for Anna to be in because we need a safe place for them to be overnight in our garage.  (Again, this is just a temporary home since we are training them to be outdoors 100%).  But, goodness, we were not expecting the territorial Elsa personality to come out.  So, the big question is, "did we mess up?"

Are "two cats better than one?"
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