Thursday, June 18, 2015

A zoo trip

We went to our local zoo for the first time this summer at the end of last week.  (checking off items from our summer bucket list, remember?)  It was so much fun, and this momma heart bubbles over with joy seeing her kids delight in great experiences like this.  Rose was especially adorable and has asked at least three-hundred-twenty-seven more times to go back.  She canNOT wait!  And, to be honest, I can't either.  The work to get there and keeping track of 8 little bodies is so worth it!!  And, I am so proud of them too, to see how sweet and helpful and well-behaved they are when out and about.
++Thank you, God!!!++

Here are some pictures of our wonderful day with the ducks, turtles, snakes, lizards, giraffes, wolves, zebras. leopards, camels, and more....

**The GANG**

(Rose is so stinkin' cute when she jumps in puddles, I just love it!)

**The Lorakeets**
(Mario and Melody are SO brave!!)

**Yoda's first trip to the zoo**
(I think he liked it!!)

(for after the petting zoo, of course!)

Is is strange that I take more pictures of my kids than the animals??  Hmmmm.....  
I just realized that!  ;)

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