Monday, October 17, 2016

Lego Halloween Challenge - October 2016 - Week 2

Max and Pookey have been building away this past week for their Halloween Lego Challenge  It's so nice to give them a little structure and theme to focus their building on.  I think they are liking it too! Here's what they have created this past week.....

Oct 9 - Build A Bowl Of Candy

Oct 10 - Build A Ghost

Oct 11 - Build With Only Orange Bricks

Oct 12 - Build A Haunted House

Oct 13 - Build A Black Cat

Oct 14 - Build A Graveyard

Oct 15 - Build A Jack 'O Lantern

(Max was so sad he ran out of orange bricks to make this)

Keep on a building!!  Two more weeks left!  
Until next week...

(And if you missed the original post with info and where to find the daily printable calendar, click here)
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