Monday, October 10, 2016

Litany of the Saints for YOUR Family

We love our saint friends and pray to our patron saints regularly.  After we pray our Morning Offering right before breakfast, we ask each of our patrons to intercede for us throughout that day.  We also read about feast days of other saints and LOVE our peg doll collection.  And we especially love our patron saint peg dolls, which sit on our dining room table circled around our Easter Candle to serve as that reminder that they are in Heaven rooting for us all throughout the day.

 I found out about a sweet mom (Gina), who belongs to a Catholic blogging support group that I also am part of, who is going to be creating custom Family Litanies and selling them on her Etsy shop, Other Side of the Fence.  She is busy mother of 6 kids - who spends her days chasing messes, fighting Siths, baking apple cake, navigating tween years, and mortifying her children by singing along to Justin Timberlake's new jam. When she's not cooking or teaching math facts, she's grossing myself out buying cow hearts for homeschool science lessons. I love how she has found a special way to keep sane and that is through creating, whether sewing or photography or digital design.  And we all get to benefit from her inspiration and work!!   She shared with me, "Since we're often calling upon the saints to carry our prayers to Christ (because who doesn't need some extra help in prayer?), I was inspired to create a family litany of saints."   And what a blessing she is and these custom Litanies can be to so many families!!!  

Gina was kind enough to offer a few of us bloggers a chance to receive and review these Litanies before they became available on her Etsy site.  Of course, I jumped on the chance because of our devotion already to our patrons.

Not only are her Family Litanies beautifully made, but it can become both a new devotion for your family and serve as that visual reminder of these Heavenly Helpers who are constantly interceding for us.

You can buy either a print that she creates, prints and will mail it directly to you.  (This is what she did for me)  -OR- you can buy the downloadable copy and she will create it and email it to you to print on your own.  I asked her for some tips on both ways, so you can present them and hang them in your own house.   Here are the tips she shared with me:

"The prints will be designed to fit an 8x10 frame. I recommend any frame that you like best! A large black frame with a mat will be beautiful on a wall, or a frame 8x10 sized is perfect on a table top or a wall.

If printing on your own, always choose a high-quality cardstock for the best results. Many people have great success printing at home, or taking a file to a local office supply store to have the print finished with their copy services."

Gina was sweet enough to ask if I wanted any certain colors or accents, so know this option is also available!!  So, get your list together of your family's Patron Saints (name saints, Confirmation saints, or just your favorite saints as a family), and head on over and order your own Family Litany of Saints.   She is making these available on her site starting today and will only have a limited number available because of the time it takes to make them and keeping the balance as a busy momma.   So don't hold off, head on over soon!   She is also offering **free shipping** for the first ten orders!  This will not only make a nice addition for your own family, but think of the blessing it could be to gift this to your family/friends!!!

To keep in touch with Gina and all the lovely things she shared about her family, faith, and homeschooling, head on over to her blog, Someday Saints

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