Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lego Halloween Challenge - October 2016 - Week 1

The kiddos, mostly Max and Pookey, have been loving the Lego challenge so far.

Here's their week one creations, along with a few extra builders that have built and shared their creations as well....

Oct 1 - Build A Witch's Hat

Oct 2 - Build A Bat

Oct 3 - Build A Zombie Village

Oct 4 - Build A Cauldron

Oct 5 - Build With Only Black Bricks

Oct 6 - Build An Orange Moon

Oct 7 - Build A Creepy Forest

Oct 8 - Build A Skeleton

Keep on a building!!  Until next week...

(And if you missed the original post with info and where to find the daily printable calendar, click here)
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