Saturday, October 8, 2016

Turning 2 and What We Love About YOU!!!!!

TWO years old, my sweet little Yoda!  How can that be?  I think I ask that every time a birthday rolls around.  You young'ungs keep growing older and changing so much from year to year, it's just amazing as a momma to sit back and see it all.  Like our Mother Mary, I am so blessed to treasure and ponder these precious memories and milestones in my heart (Luke 2: 19) as the years go by.  Even though you are now two and we have another young'un on the way, you are still our little guy and have us wrapped around your finger.  You are most definitely the most spoiled with all these hearts and hands to hold and love on and snuggle you!!

As a tradition here on Raising Young Ones, we like to list the things we love about our birthday kiddo, and the number of items we list are the number of age you are turning.  With you turning two, I knew it would be hard to ask everyone and give them a turn in sharing what we all love about you, since their are 9 of us and only two items to list.  So, I'm cheating a little and asking each person to share TWO things they love about you.  So here we go....


  • Your intensity in everything you do/want  (Daddy)
  • How you teach me daily to sit down, rest, pause and take in all my blessings - while I snuggle and love on YOU  (Mommy)
  • Your little dance moves  (Fone)
  • I love rocking you.  (Mario)
  • You are my little snuggle buddy (Melody)
  • That you really cute when we play hide-n-seek  (Ariel)
  • When we play big legos with you (Max)
  • You are so cute  (Pookey)
  • Cuz you hugged my friend, Amelia  (Rose)


  • Your wave (Daddy)
  • How you love me so much and make me smile  (Mommy)
  • How you are a mini me  (Fone)
  • I love reading books to you.  (Mario)
  • You can be so naughty and get into trouble, but it's impossible to get mad at you because you are so adorable  (Melody)
  • You are really cute pretending to be animals and monsters  (Ariel)
  • I love you because you climb onto me when I'm sitting in the chair (Max)
  • You pretend to eat really cute when we play pretend food  (Pookey)
  • That you plays peek-a-boo to me  (Rose)

Half of the pictures we have taken over the last two years are with you in them.  Okay, maybe it's more like 80-90%!  ;)  So, we have to include some of our favorite pictures with you over the last year....

++Thank you, Lord, for Yoda!!  Please bless him today on his birthday.  Help him feel your love. And please help him feel your presence all throughout the next year!!++
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