Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011/2012 Young Family Academy Homeschool Plans

Yeah, yeah, I know it's only July, but the school teacher inside of me is just screaming with excitement for our upcoming school year.  New books, new plans, new schedules, excitement of new learning and new grades to teach!  Fun, fun, fun!!!  This year we are taking a break from our normal SonLight studies and are putting a little more excitement in our year with some new activities and plans.  We are also moving towards more computer and independent-based learning for our oldest learners to free up more time for me to play with and goof with the littlest ones and also keep up on normal housekeeping. 

I know that as the year goes on, we will may add and/or subtract from these plans, but here's a look at our starting base....

Fone - 5th grade

Mario - 3rd grade

Melody - 2nd grade

Ariel - Kindergarten

There ya have it!! We will begin full time after Labor Day and hit and miss on the hottest days between now and then, when no one wants to go outside.  

Please join me in prayer for a blessed school year for the Young Family Academy!  

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  1. Looks wonderful Katie! So when is the big 1st day of school? ~Your big sis


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