Saturday, July 23, 2011

VBS 2011

This past week was the annual Vacation Bible School in the town where I grew up.  All of our kids have attended since they were old enough to, and I have put in many years of service and volunteering as well, but have taken the last 2 years off since I have clingy little ones that wouldn't part happily from me.  God always does an amazing job pulling this fun, faith-filled week together perfectly.  They use the Group VBS programs and this year's theme was Pandamania.  It was a very exciting and uplifting week for them, full of prayer, Bible stories, snacks, crafts, music, friends and fun!!   

Here's a picture of the crafts they did each day.  (one of the crafts was a gift for the local volunteer firemen, so I wasn't able to get a picture of it, since it was given away)

prayer lanterns

panda puppets

Melody and Ariel showing off their hats and puppets

Chinese hats (with Chinese words written on it)

 Fone's "thank you" card for Neil and I....

Ariel's "thank you" card for Neil and I.... 

Mario's "thank you" card for Neil and I....

Melody's "thank you" card for Neil and I....
And, then of course, they do a Friday Finale where they sing all the songs from the week and review all their Bible points.  Here's a few pictures of them performing or posing with their crews....
Melody with some of her crew

Mario with some of his crew

Fone (in the blue hat) singing and dancing with his crew

Ariel with her cousin/crew leader

Ariel with her cousin, who was in the same crew

God's wonderful gifts wrapped up (the crew leaders/teens who gave of their time all week)

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