Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July - 2011

What a lovely celebration we had over the weekend celebrating the freedom we have in our country!  And, how blessed we were to have my parents, all my sisters and their husbands and the whole crew of cousins together as well!  My sister was kind enough to have us all over for dinner and then we walked to the lighted parade, fireworks, and then hanging out at my sister's place (until almost 2am!!  yeah, we all just love each other that much!).  Neil and the 3 biggest kids were able to support our local TKD school by joining them in the parade, handing out flyers and showing off their kicks, punches, and blocks.  A great night was had by all!!  On Sunday evening, we had our own family feast here and then went down to the great Mississippi to view a handful of cities' fireworks from a little farther away, but still very nice.  So blessed to have such a beautiful family to enjoy holidays with! 
Neil with 2 of the brothers-in-law and my dad

"A Variety of Oreos" - the new (very easy!) dessert of choice for family gatherings in the future, thanks to my baby sister and her goofey husband  :)

Fone and Mario enjoying some Red, White and Blue strawberries (SO yummy!)
the feast table (and I couldn't even fit the grilled meats and fixin's in the pic)

Melody and Ariel with 2 of their sweet girl cousins

Max (in red) and Pookey (bald baby in gray) with my mom, sister and 2 nephews

the guys (minus one birother-in-law who showed up a bit late)

waiting for the parade


Mario and his TKD instructor

Neil and Melody in the parade

waiting for fireworks

Lots of oooooh's and aaaaaaah's
May God bless America
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