Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

"Everything is indeed for you, so that the grace 
bestowed in abundance on more and more people may 
cause the thanksgiving to overflow for the glory of God."  
-2 Corinthians 4:15

When you come to recognize the continual presence of God around you day in and day out and the love He brings, a joy and peace just dwells richly inside of you.  And, as He plans perfectly, the joy and love is radiated through you to others.  All to bring Him glory and bring others closer to Him.  Let us continue to recognize Him and His love for us in even the smallest, simplest ways He chooses to reveal Himself to us....

Thanks be to God for these and all graces received....

#535 - Max's funny faces
#536 - Book bunch club for Fone
#537 - banana chocolate shake
#538 - lots of playtime with friends and cousins

 #539 - dill ready the same time green beans are = dilly beans!!!
  #542 - messy, played in rooms
 #543 - connections in family trees and having a hand in making them come together

#544 - discernment prayers answered in unexpected phone calls and God working through others
#545 - living at the center of God's will and the peace that comes from it
#546 - wonderful night at benediction/adoration and prayer group
#548 - for my husband on his birthday and for the blessing he is
#549 - fun for the big boys at Lego Club
#550 - a sweet, helpful librarian
#551 - Luke's purple frosting lips
#552 - rocking 2 babies to sleep tonight
#553 - tired kids = easy bedtime and peaceful family prayers
#554 - Carter's throwing arm 
#555 - Pookey, Max and I getting to hang out with my sister and her youngest while the bigger kids were at VBS
#556 - happy, excited kids
#557 - being able to reason with a 3 year old
#558 - Max doing fantastic with potty-training!!!
#559 - fun, faith-filled week at VBS
#560 - smooth drop off's and pick-up's
#561 - a cool morning
#562 - opportunities to pray for people in need
#563 - unconditional love from my husband
#564 - a strong, faith-centered marriage despite many marriages falling apart all around us 
#565 - wonderful movie and dinner date-night with Neil to celebrate his birthday
#566 - kids spending time with their grandparents
#567 - good days
#568 - Melody being able to brush and do her own hair
#569 - employment
#570 - crackle nail polish and my girly girls who love having their nails painted
 #571 - helping someone in need
#572 - innocence in children
#573 - Pookey's new "moo" sound 
#574 - Mark-a-doo's independence
#575 - a husband who tries new recipes and helps with meals when he can
#576 - sleepy kiddos
#577 - snuggling Melody during bedtime prayers
#578 - clean, fresh smelling laundry
#580 - Pookey walking the halls in the nursing home and the smiles he brought to the residents' faces
#583 - our Bible timeline to give us clarity and understanidng of the history of Jesus' bloodline and how God's hand and presence was in it all (and still is today!)
#584 - little girls stying each other's hair
#585 - fun with friends
#586 - kids eating sweet corn

#587 - a good meal
#588 - giggly, giddy, sleepy baby
#589 - safe travels for my sister and her husband on a trip over-seas


  1. Bernice Shupe of Elkton, MichiganJuly 30, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    You are so sweet, my friend of Ann Voskamp! How very busy you are! A mother of six and farm wife! I wonder where the farm is? I am the mother of seven sons who also lives on a farm - in Michigan. Our sweet corn is not ripe yet! Blessed mothering!

  2. Hi Bernice!
    Yes, busy indeed with all the right things! 7 boys - wow!! What a blessing! We live on the IA/IL border, but do not live on an actual farm, but there are plenty around us! My dh and I grew up in the country with many acres, we just have 1-1/4 acres and it's plenty for us for now. Thanks for visiting!
    God bless you in your counting 1000 Gifts!! <><


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