Monday, July 11, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

Praise the LORD, who is so good; 
           God's love endures forever;  
Praise the God of gods; 
           God's love endures forever;
Praise the Lord of lords; 
           God's love endures forever;
Who alone has done great wonders, 
          God's love endures forever;
Who skillfully made the heavens, 
          God's love endures forever;
Who spread the earth upon the waters, 
          God's love endures forever;
Who made the great lights, 
          God's love endures forever;
The sun to rule the day, 
          God's love endures forever;
The moon and stars to rule the night, 
          God's love endures forever.
                                      (Psalm 136: 1-9)

We are still counting our way to 1000 Gifts (and more!).  I realize more and more it is a choice to recognize Him.  I can choose to be in my own world and do my own thing, or I can choose to let Him be with me every step of the way.  I definitely prefer the latter.  He is there to to listen to me.  To love me.  To feed me.  To comfort me.  To lift me up.  To guide me.  To teach me.  All I have to to do is choose to see Him in the present moment.    

Thanks be to God for these and all graces received!!....

#440 - monkey bread and cheesy scrambled eggs to feed a hungry crew of 8 kids

#441 - Melody's handful of fireflies
#442 - Fone's book bunch club
#443 - another wonderful visit with our new priest, Father Tom
#444 - feeding chickens while at piano lessons
#445 - new flowers blooming all around
#446 - Pookey walking with his hands up for balance
#447 - a meal delivered to my house by 2 of my sisters from my favorite Mexican restaurant
#448 - sweet, smelling kids after baths
#449 - kids who read for multiple hours a day and do it on their own
#450 - Fone's great attitude for his MRI of his head today
#451 - a heart willing to help and serve
#453 - that I had fun at my appointment today (Fone)
#454 - great last minute trip to our local zoo, visit to Neil's parents and then to top it off - out for ice cream - yummy!!
#455 - rubber babies
#456 - Max doing a great job with his potty training
#457 - swimming lessons @ some good friends' pool

#458 - one-on-one time walking and snuggling Pookey after taking a nasty spill down the steps
#459 - morning Mass and breakfast with my sister-in-law
#460 - cleansing of souls in confession and God's Divine Mercy
#461 - penances that feel like true penances
#462 - not having to prepare or cook 1 meal today (Saturday)
#463 - 5 big kids who energetically greet and hand out/collect missals at Mass
#464 - blueberry hair
#465 - couch angel Mom (Fone)
#466 - a sweet, refreshing lemonade stand put on by some sweet friends of the boys
#467 - a 40 foot slip-n-slide made by my father-in-law

#468 - 12 cousins splashing in a pool and sliding on a slip-n-slide on a very hot summer day (check this Wednesday for pictures....)
 #469 - my sweet kamikaze niece
#470 - gardening work done and my awesome garden helpers

#472 - cool air conditioned house to escape from the heat and humidity
#473 - scapulars that are worn and tattered by the kids wearing them day in and day out
#474 - many reasons to celebrate and looking forward to a busy week
#475 - the wonderful world of hand-me-downs (Fone)
#476 - good results from Fone's MRI
#477 - Ariel being such a trooper despite belly aches off and on for 5 days straight
#478 - choosing to be joyful and trusting in the unknown future

 Won't you join in on the counting of the 1000 Gifts that God blesses you with??  
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