Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays - on a Blessed Fourth of July

"The blessings God has given me...  are scorn of the 
world -  of its pleasures, its riches, its honor; and the 
love of the cross,  of poverty, of humility; as well as the 
honor of his constant presence, of familiarity, and 
intimacy with him, and above all the love of his love."  
- Blessed Marie of the Incarnation

Inspired by Ann over at her lovely blog and after reading her book, I have really enjoyed taking the journey of living a more thankful life.  Before reading the book, my continuous daily prayer would look more like a plea for help in the current moment.  But, now I'm on the look-out for the wonderful blessings and graces that God sends my way - thus I am able to offer up prayers of gratitude more often.  It has such a positive spin on my days, and when I hit a cRaZy moment, I force myself to walk over to my journal, pick up the pen and think of how God has most recently blessed me.  Even if I don't write anything at that moment, the action of stopping has put me into prayer and to be "on the look out" again instead of having a pity-party in my head. 

Here's a look at some of the ways our Good and Gracious God has blessed us this week....

#385 - chocolate muffins for breakfast
#386 - our new wall calendar to display our saint cards

#387 - kid snuggles in the morning
#389 - Mario's vampire teeth and bite scars

#390 - fun kid soap that makes the water green when they wash up

#391 - Max falling asleep on the couch while reading - so precious!!
#393 - cute chubby baby praying hands

#394 - beautiful sleeping weather
#395 - chili dogs, or as they are called in our house - "man food"
#397 - birds singing and bugs buzzing heard through open windows
#398 - brownie mixes for quick and easy brownies a-la-mode for dessert
#400 - catching lightning bugs
#401 - having a wonderful priest over for dinner

#402 - waking up to Fone and Mario playing a morning game of Twister
#403 - my parents (Fone)
#404 - the beautiful peace that fills our souls when we come into our Lord's presence during Eucharistic Adoration
#407 - Melody's ear healing
#408 - Max's bug bite healing
#412 - a God who will listen to my crabs and frustrations at any time of the day 
#413 - sweet, happy people who lift you up instead of bring you down
#414 - a sweet priest who generously shares his books
#416 - lovely celebration of Mass for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart (our church's feast day!) and then fellowship and donuts in the hall afterwards
#417 - my dad, for giving his time and energy to help Neil in some basement renovations
#418 - my mom, who shared my dad and provided 2 meals during renovations
#420 - lighted parade and fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July

#421 - berry smelling bug spray
#422 - dinner and social time at my sister's house before and after the Fourth of July festivities
#423 - a puzzle boy staircase (Fone)

#429 - Neil's determination in running the Firecracker run this morning
#430 - an awesome electrician who was willing to work on the 4th with his son on our basement renovations
#431 - fun with a purple-faced grandma who jumps right in to play with our kids, even to the point of tiring out
#433 - TKD class on the 4th and a nun-chuck door prize
#435 - fun hush puppy flavors @ Denny's
#437 - swimming @ cousins to close off the holiday celebrations
#438 - a fixed computer
#439 - 5 yard work helpers

Now it's your turn to join in on counting your One Thousand Gifts (and more!)....

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  1. beautiful list! nice to meet you this morning...
    amy @ to love


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