Friday, January 24, 2014

GiTar Dan sings for our clan

Last April, we were super blessed to have spent an amazing vacation in Disney World.  However, right now we are stuck in the midst of another blast of arctic air and are hibernating in our house, and are in desperate need of a little reminder of warmer days.  So, I finally uploaded this video of GiTar Dan singing a song he made up for our family.  He used to hang out in Camp Minnie Mickey in Animal Kingdom, and makes up and sings songs for people.  It was funny because we broke a record for him - having had the most kids he has sung about!  And, he quoted how blessed we are to have such awesome kids - "the coolest kids in Illinois".  Awwwww, how did he know?!! 

(with all the renovations in Animal Kingdom and Camp Minnie Mickey now gone, it sounds like you can find GiTar Dan by the Conservation Station instead)
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