Sunday, February 14, 2016

A look back at our Mardi Gras party

Our church throws the best parties for families.  What a wonderful blessing it is, especially all the kids, to feel loved and appreciated by their church family.  Well, there's no doubt, our church has this down. For Mardi Gras, not only did they feed us dinner (moms especially love this when they get the night off of cooking!), but they have a variety of games/activities for all ages to play....

  • BINGO - for adults and older kids (our bigger kids played this practically all night)  
  • Showdown - for adults 
  • Pick a duck from the pool
  • Coloring
  • Crafts
  • Tattoos 
  • Fishing
  • Cookie decorating
  • Ring toss
  • Bean bag toss


Love my little leftie!!  

My sweet sister came with her two youngest kids and carried this little guy around the whole night and helped him play the games.  Wasn't that sweet? 

Yoda got his first temporary tattoo but wasn't too particularly thrilled with it though....

++Thank you God for the enjoyment of the FEAST before the FAST and a church family that loves kids and families and knows how to support and encourage them!!++

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