Monday, February 29, 2016

What I Wore Sunday - Ed #1

Gotta share a few things here from the get go...

#1 - Normally we don't go to Mass on Sundays so I was always hesitant on linking up in the past because I thought my picture never really counted.  But, if you speak up and ask, then you find out for yourself...   Saturday evening Mass is just Sunday's vigil.  Duh, I knew that.  Silly me!!!  So, thanks to sweet Rosie Hill for encouraging me to participate, even though most of the time what I post is what I wore on Saturday.  ;)

#2 - I am NOT a stylish momma.  I am just an ordinary, simple, same-ole-same-ole type of momma.  You will notice that my skirts (I think I only own one dress - oy!) are few and far between. Same with shirts.  So over the course of these posts, be prepared for repeats - plenty of them!!

#3 - Even though I'm not a stylish momma, I'm definitely looking forward to these posts and getting ideas!  Having seen some of the posts in the pasts, it makes me want to ask some of these moms to go shopping with me!  So I'm very much looking forward to continuing with WIWS (What I Wore Sunday).

 Outfit details

skirt:  this skirt is definitely a favorite - so excited it was warm enough to wear without tights/knee highs this week.  I bought it at our local Von Maur store, but it can also be found here.

shirt:  bought a few years ago at Kohls.  It now has a hole in it, so I won't be wearing it much longer, which is sad because I really liked it.  Anyone know where I can buy another/similar one?  

shoes:  I really really really like the look of these shoes (similar found here).  But....  Yeah, you knew that was coming.... they tend to wear into my heel.  :(  So I can only wear these for a day at a time, unless I want to blister.  Youchie.  No thanks....  I would really love a brown pair of Mary Janes that are comfy to wear without socks that do not blister the back of my heel.  Do they even exist?  

Boys?  My boys wear Old Navy khaki's.  Can't beat their prices.  Polo's/shirt normally come from Old Navy or Penney's or Target or Kohl's.  Fone's shoes are Merrell's.  They are a favorite for all our boys.  Can't remember what Mario is wearing though.  Don't think they are Merrell's....  


Linking up with Rosie this week!
Click on the image below to see what others wore this Sunday!!

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