Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Everyday Sacrament" book review

Our church started a book study a few weeks ago on an adorable book for moms - Everyday Sacrament.  How blessed our parish is to have the Altar and Rosary Society sponsor the study - they bought all the books and are providing food/drinks for each of our meetings.  Like I have said before, our church just has a beautiful way of meeting us all where we are (even us moms!!) and helping us feel welcomed and included in our church.

I have been in Mom's Groups before and done many book studies, but it's been a while.  Even though I'm a mom to a 14 year, I am still a mom to a 1 year old and a toddler, so I can still very much relate to even the younger moms in the book study.  These groups are always such a blessing and an opportunity to help us grow more in love with the beautiful vocation of marriage and the fruit (children!) that have been born from it.

The book is divided into seven chapters, and as you could probably guess by the title, each chapter takes one of the Sacraments and shares how we can find the Sacraments in the messiness and stickiness of everyday mothering...

Chapter 1:  Bathed in New Life - Baptism
Chapter 2:  Celebrating Grace - Confirmation
Chapter 3:  Broken for You - Eucharist
Chapter 4:  From Frustration to Forgiveness - Reconciliation
Chapter 5:  Helping to Heal - Anointing of the Sick
Chapter 6:  Everyday Vows - Marriage
Chapter 7:  Challenges of the Calling - Holy Orders

I'm hoping to share some highlights from the book as I read it.  It may be done a couple chapters at a time and a pretty short summary, but enough to tease you into getting it for yourself and the little nuggets of wisdom and encouragement from the author!  ;)

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