Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dear Lands End...

Dear Lands End,

You see these beautiful girls in those beautiful dresses? These two families (yes, all those kids come from only two sets of families!) are huge Lands End supporters/customers. This was our last year's Easter picture with the Young brothers, their wives, and all the cousins. Those are Lands End dresses (recognize them now?). And, I think almost all those polos are your products as well.  Us moms buy matching dresses for our own girls and for girl cousins almost every Easter.  It's became a tradition we have just loved!

Like many others, we were very disappointed with your recent support of pro-choice/pro-abortion activist Gloria Steinem. However, both of these families have been nothing but thrilled with your products over the years - polos, dresses, tights, shoes, swimwear, snow boots, and on and on!  In our faith we are taught to forgive, and we are going to forgive your mess-up and give you another chance. Thank you for realizing your wrong and your apology.  Plus, we know that YOU, Lands End, want to make things right with your customers, the ones whom you have hurt,.... how about you feature these two families next? Two very much pro-life families who have been paying and happy customers for years. Normal people who love the product and exhibit the family values you once stood by. Can you redeem yourself and take a stand on the pro-life side now?? Please do!!

We look forward to hearing from you in featuring these two beautiful families!!!

God bless you!!

The Youngs and their crew of young'uns
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