Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2013/2014 school pictures

Here are pictures of each kiddo and our family that we had taken at the end of last year.  I think out of all the pictures we've ever had taken, these are my most absolute favorite!!  I'm sure many of you will notice what the background is of the kids' picture and the background of the family picture - both very meaningful parts of our life!!  Who will be the first to guess right??  
Rose ~ 1 year old ~ pre-pre-school

Pookey ~ 4 years old ~ pre-school

Max ~ 5 years old ~ Kindergarten

Ariel ~ 7 years old ~ 2nd grade

Melody ~ 9 years old ~ 4th grade

Mario ~ 10 years old ~ 5th grade

Fone ~ 12 years old ~ 7th grade

My Dad found these real arrows, made in the 60's, at an auction for our big boys.  When thinking about poses and ideas for pictures, I knew we had to get those arrows out for this picture....

++Thank you, God, for my goofey, beautiful, sweet arrows!!++
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