Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy birthday, Jesus!!!

 We began our Christmas celebrations by going to Mass on Christmas Eve - our big boys were altar servers and our girls sang in the children's choir.  Then we headed out to my parents for all the fun and festivities there.

We took our jolly ole time Christmas morning waking up and had heart-shaped biscuits and gravy and smoothies for breakfast.  It's so nice that St. Nicholas comes early to our place every year.  It not only helps us focus on Jesus more during Advent and on his birthday, but it makes for a very peaceful Christmas morning and the celebrations surrounding Christmas day!  Of course, there were a few presents to open in the morning - the only presents our kids opened then and the MOST important gift of all - Jesus!!

And, then after our relaxing morning as family, we left for and celebrated with Neil's family in the early afternoon and almost til midnight!  How blessed we are to have such wonderful family on both sides whom we love SO much!!  

Happy birthdayJesus!  
We love you!!!

(picture credit from "Catholic Memes")

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