Monday, January 27, 2014

"Months of the Year" song and poster

A couple weeks ago, Pookey and Max created a handpainted "Months of the Year" poster to share with the residents of the nursing home where my Grandma lives.  They were planning to sing the "Months of the Year" song and hold the poster, during a talent show.  It was an opportunity to share their love and talent with the residents.  All five big kids performed at the event:  Fone played piano and did his black belt TKD form, Mario was in a magic show and did his black belt TKD form, Melody and Ariel both sang "Gold" and played piano, and Max did his TKD form and sang this song.  Pookey got to sit in the van with Rose and I, because as we arrived and were unloading to head in, he said he "had a belly and might throw up".  Sigh - I couldn't go in and chance a sick little guy with all those wonderful "grandmas and grandpas".  So, Pookey never officially performed until now - his blog debut of the "Months of the Year"....

This was such a fun project - what kid doesn't love to get their hands all dirty and full of paint, only to create a lovely piece of art??  

Didn't it turn out great???  


**we learned this song many years ago when Fone and Mario were little - it is on our Sounds Like Fun cd
**you may remember from a year and a half ago, Mark made a similar poster and sang the same song at a Fine Arts Festival.  We like to stick with what works in our house!!  :) 

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