Friday, January 31, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns

Having grown up in the country as a country girl with chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs, a horse (only for a couple days - lol!), plenty of dogs and cats, and fields of corn and beans to surround us, I have plenty of memories of "the barn"...

*the barn my dad fell out of and broke his leg when they were baling hay and getting the hay up into the loft (although this happened before I was born!)

*the barn that housed our sheep - "Happy" and "Birthday" and all the ones to follow, not the mention the rest of the farm animal crew

*the barn my sisters and I played in for hours swinging down from the hay loft with the long rope and landing in the pillow of hay bales below

*the barn where my dad stored tractor after tractor after tractor....., all GREEN, of course!  

*and many other memories which I am forever grateful!!

And, now as a grown momma myself, the barn in which we all posed for family pictures in November of 2013....

~My wonderful parents~

~My parents, 3 amazing sisters and I, and 
2 brothers/intercessors in heaven above~

~The whole crew~

~The "real" version of the whole crew~

~My amazing husband and 7 "arrows" 
that God has given us to raise~

~My beautiful (goofey) "arrows"~

These will probably be my favorites out of all the pictures ever taken, because of the big red barn as the background!! 

++Thank you, God, for the big RED barn++

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