Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christkindl exchange

This is the second year that we drew names for "Christkindl".  It's kind of like a "secret Santa", where you draw names at the beginning of Advent and all throughout Advent, you are to perform secret, loving deeds for the person whose name you drew.  We not only do loving acts throughout Advent, but buy an ornament for our person and exchange them on Christmas Eve - and that's when the great reveal is!  (Jessica is the one whom we stole this wonderful idea from - thanks, dear!!)

Here are pictures from our exchange and who had who.....

We had only planned on having the kids draw names and share their love throughout Advent and exchange ornaments.  But a certain, sneaky, someone decided to get an ornament for me this year!!!  I was SO surprised - it brought tears to my eyes!  Love you, babe!!!

This moment of "reveal" and the acts of virtue throughout Advent is definitely one of my favorite parts!!!

++Thank you, God, for the acts of love all throughout Advent and the surprises of joy during the reveal of our Christkindl exchange!++
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